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Talha | Alentejo

Talha | Alentejo

Some like to say this is the California of Portugal and sure if you drive to Evora you might mistake stretches of the road for the rolling hills of Sonoma, but you'd be missing something special. This is the land of Talha Wines, that is wines make in large clay pots often mistaken for Amphoras. These wines are time capsules that speak to a time when wines were never bottled, but drunk amoung friends straight from the vessel they were made within. The wines from Talhas are at times rustic, but always full of life and flavors that will make you stop and think. The tradition of Talha winemaking was almost completely lost just a few years ago and while they are coming back into style, we are here to make sure they continue to thrive.

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Ciclo - N/V - Vinho Branco
Ciclo - N/V - Vinho Branco Sale price€16,99
Ciclo - N/V - Vinho Tinto Castelão
Gerações da Talha - 2021 - NaTalha - Tinto